The Interdepartmental Master's Programme "Digital Technologies in Hospitality Management and Tourism" aims to provide specialized knowledge and develop skills in the use of new digital technologies (big data analytics, collaborative applications, mobile computing, human data management technologies, smart technologies, digital representation) in the tourism sector and hospitality businesses in order to develop and manage innovation in them.

The aim of the Programme is providing lifelong scientific education to graduates (self-employed, unemployed) who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of digital technologies in order to be employed in developing scientific fields (e.g. digital tourism, digital marketing, tourism business management, risk and crisis management in tourism, e-entrepreneurship, Business Intelligence in Tourism, Smart Technologies in Tourism, Digital Representation of Tourism Goods), and to employees of the public or private sector who wish to respond to the ever-increasing pressures of their professional environment to use new technologies and develop innovation in their field of work.

Latest News

Research & Innovation in tourism: meeting of tourism stakeholders in the Department of Tourism
Posted: 30-03-2023 12:02
The Department of Tourism of the Ionian University organized on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, a meeting inviting all tourism stakeholders, in order to discuss issues related to tourism in Corfu and the region of Ionian Islands and specifically research and innovation in tourism with the aim of activating the new "Regional Smart Specialization Strategy".
Welcome to the New Website
Posted: 08-04-2022 14:02

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